Now that JellyTelly is Minno Kids, will I need to download a new app?

If your apps are set to update automatically, you should be good-to-go--with the exception of Roku (more details below about Roku.) 

When your app is updated, you’ll see the Minno Kids app where your JellyTelly app used to be with our friendly new mascot, Max the minnow!

Amazon Kindle Fire, iOS, tvOS, Android TV and Android mobile apps are out now.

Our new and improved Roku Channel is now public, which means you can easily search and install the Minno Kids Channel. The JellyTelly Channel will remain active through the end of 2019 to give customers a chance to add the Minno Kids Channel. 

Amazon Fire TV app is coming soon!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us by clicking on the Contact option on the right upper side of the screen or by sending an email to We'd be happy to answers any questions you may have! 

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